Personalize Your Pie Just the Way You Like It

Build your own pizza at our pizzeria in Evansville, IN

You never have to settle for toppings you don't really like. Rounders Pizza gives you the option to build your very own customized pizza from the crust up. Our build-your-own pizzas are super popular. People can pick and choose exactly what they want. Decide on the size, sauce and toppings. We'll make sure your pizza is ready when you come to pick it up.

All of our sauces are made in-house. You're getting a fresh, hot pizza that doesn't taste like your standard pizza chains.

Get started on your build-your-own pizza in Evansville, IN today.

Get exactly what you want

Get exactly what you want

Whether you're for or against pineapple on pizza, you'll be pleased with the pies we churn out. You can order a customizable pizza and get whatever toppings you want. That way, everyone's happy.

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